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Question: Do you sell flight planning software for Ipads?
Answer: Flight Planning Software for Ipads is directly available from the App Store but as we are a Qualified Reseller of Jeppesen products we can supply you with relevant Jeppesen software such as JeppView etc.
Question: Will software such as Swales, Foxone, Easyplan, Easy Logbook or the Electronic Airfields directory work on my Mac computer?
Answer: None of the above mentioned software supports a Mac computer. There is the alternative that Mac users can upload the Microsoft emulator programme, however the quality of the software being run on this programme cannot be guaranteed.
Question: Do you sell GPS receivers for Ipads?
Answer: We stock a device known as the Garmin Glo GPS receiver which works with Bluetooth on Ipads and Iphones.
Question: Which books are available in an electronic version?
Answer: The Jeppessen JAR ATPL is available on a USB memory stick and it contains all the volumes required for your JAR examinations. The FAA TestPrep books are also available in a digital format known as Prepware.
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