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Question: What is the difference between Jeppview and Flitestar?
Answer: The fundamental difference between the JeppView and FliteStar that is Flitestar is a flight planning software and the JeppView is an electronic version of the Jeppesen Airway Manual, which includes your airport plates and enroute charts. Both programmes are intended for Windows users, however JeppView can be loaded onto an Ipad as well.
Question: What is a Trip Kit?
Answer: A Trip Kit is a Jeppesen Airway Manual for a specified region but excludes the revision service. This means that it includes all the relevant approach plates and enroute charts. Due to the fact that it has no revision service, it will not be updated and therefore can only be used for a limited period of time, in other words for a specific trip.
Question: What is an Airway Manual?
Answer: We supply Jeppesen Airway Manuals which contain all enroute charts and airport plates for specific regions. We usually have the Africa and Southern Africa manuals in stock but we can order manuals for any other region required. The contents are printed on A5 pre-punched paper and Jeppesen binders in either leather or plastic can be ordered separately. A 12 month revision service must be ordered with the initial manual.
Question: Can I convert my Tripkit into an Airway Manual?
Answer: The Tripkit would require the additional purchase of the revision service in order to ensure that you have a current, legal airway manual on board your aircraft. As Jeppesen generally do not back-date revisions for more than 2 months you would have to ensure that your Tripkit is not too out of date.
Question: Can I buy the plates for individual airports?
Answer: Yes, you can - our Lanseria branch offers the service of printing approach plates for specific airports in Africa. We can however order any other airport plates from Jeppesen but these need to be ordered well in advance to a planned trip.
Question: Will the Jeppview work on my Samsung Galaxy?
Answer: The airport plates will be visible on your Galaxy tablet, however the enroute charts are only currently available in the paper version.
Question: What is the cost of my renewal?
Answer: The invoice for the renewal of an annual revision service for JeppView, Airway Manuals, FliteStar etc will be mailed to you directly by Jeppesen and it will specify the amount payable for the next years revision service.
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