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Question: What does the term ANR mean?
Answer: ANR is an acronym for Active Noise Reduction. This is an electronic system that identifies the external noise levels and counteracts them with an out-of-phase signal. This adds to the hearing protection of the pilot and although it cancels out the surrounding noise it does not obliterate the sound completely. ANR headsets provide excellent additional hearing protection over and above the protection and noise reduction in passive mode. The ANR receives its power from batteries in the headset unit or from the aircraft power in the case of panel mount headsets. Alternative names include; ENC (Electric Noise Cancelling), ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) or NoiseGuard.
Question: What does the warranty cover on the headset?
Answer: The headset manufacturers grant a limited warranty on their headsets ie defects in material and workmanship under normal and proper use for a certain period of time after the purchase; the warranty period differs on the many various headsets and you can refer to the headset box insert for details or contact us prior to a purchase of a headset for the relevant information. Normal wear and tear and negligence is not covered under the warranty and we will assist with warranty or other repairs if you provide proof of purchase from one of our stores.
Question: What ANR headsets do you sell?
Answer: We stock a range of Noise Cancelling headsets, which vary in size, design and price as well as different features and functions. We always recommend popping into one of our stores to select the best headset for you but you can view our headsets under our product heading HEADSETS which includes: Bose, David Clark, Pilot Communications, Sennheiser.
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